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1st Indonesian Captain & Chief Engineer for LNG Carrier

published on : 2012, January 05

Bontang, - Management PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi (HITS) with the whole crew Ekaputra vessel celebration held on the achievement the 1st Indonesia Captain and Chief Engineer for LNG Carrier in the Lounge Room Ekaputra vessel inBontang (5/1). These achievements are very proud because for the first time won by the son of Indonesia.

"The program Indonesianization indeed been planned since the beginning, which is a program to replace all foreign crew (Japan), up to the highest position on the LNG carrier, the Master and Chief Engine Room (KKM)," said Bagoes Krisnamoerti, President Director of HITS in his speech. Commitment is expected to take between 15-20 years old to do the acquisition of knowledge and skill of the Japanese officer to officer Indonesia, with an estimated time of implementation of the full Indonesianization in 2010, he added.

Until finally on September 8, 2011, at 17:00 hours local time, at the Bontang LNG Terminal, Captain Chepy Chairil Anwar replace. Captain S. Edatsugi, as the 1st Indonesian Captain for LNG carrier. Earlier, the Chief Engineer or Chief Engine Room has also been handed over from the C/E M. Takahashi to the C/E Priyo Nugroho, as the 1st Indonesian Chief Engineer for LNG carrier. This is a milestone for Indonesia, and HITS have set up Indonesia Master and other C/E to follow this initial step towards LNG ships are operated. It became an Indonesian national pride because Ekaputra LNG carrier is operated entirely by the crew or crew Indonesia and make us proud to be a nation of Indonesia.

Great plans for LNG vessel manned by the Master and KKM Ekaputra Indonesia made through a plan and a long road. Preparation, planning, cadre and the formation of character with the crew working together hand in hand and a target that must be accomplished in the process. Indonesianization program that starts from the level of a young officer, Mualim II, Machinist II and continued until it became Master and C/E.

“Since promoted to Master on the beginning of September 2011, has been  almost 4 month I take command onboard Ekaputra. This is my first experience to be a master. Thank you very much for the chance and support   that was given to me, “ said Captain Chepy Chairil Anwar. All crew will do our best effort for the safety and smooth operation of this ship and to meet the customer satisfaction, he said. (PR)