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INSA Support Human Resources Development Program Maritim Toll

published on : 2016, April 22

Netherlands,- Chairman of INSA, Carmelita Hartoto being a witness in signing MOU between PT MCS International (Humpuss Group) which is represented by Theo Lekatompessy (President Director of PT Humpuss Intermodal) with the leading marine school STC Rotterdam which is represented by Capt.Albert Bos (Director) during visit of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to Holland today on Friday, 22 April.

The event was hold in Hotel Amrath Kurhaus  ( where president Joko Widodo stayed ) which was attended by about 600 businessman from Netherlands and KADIN Indonesia.

On this opportunity, the Chairman of INSA stated that Indonesia needed a Reliable Thousands mariner who could support the Government program TOL Maritime and                                        also increase skills of Mariner in order to achieve the classification level of European Union and IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Indonesia needs not only a good 1-2 marine school who like MCSI-STC, therefore INSA ecourage members to make business relationship with foreign partners in Asia and America and having National Mariner to make easier while entering US market and Asia after having qualifications that defined by the user there.

STC Rotterdam and MCS International - a subsidiary of PT Humpuss Intermodal, Tbk will initially focus on developing of Mariner in the Mini LNG which became "Core Business" PT Humpuss Intermodal, Tbk since end of 80s.

LNG as fuel oil alternatives would be required for realization of the development plan of 35,000 Megawatt under Government of Jokowi.


In addition, MCS International also intend to prepare labor skilled International certified in the field of transport of Oil, Gas and offshore operations DNG very needful and willing to work In the European Union DNG using STC Rotterdam Certification.